Converting an old website to WordPress

Over the years, there have been plenty of website platforms that, though once were the latest and greatest, now leave site owners in the dark. A customized WordPress theme may be the answer.

You may suffer from lagging technical support, broken features or an out-dated layout. This is common for websites created using older page-builder style platforms, with set templates and limited customization.

Do you have a secure, mobile-friendly website?

Your business may have outgrown the website you once pulled together yourself. You may need more functionality or the ability to self-update content. Would you like to download useful plugins or get more visibility on your site analytics?

Perhaps a developer created a custom website for you using an older Joomla (or similar) platform? Although you still love the layout, you’re finding security problems as spammers and hackers make their way through outdated code.

All is not lost.

Convert your old website to a customized WordPress theme

Rebuilding your old website into a modern, customized WordPress theme offers you a host of advantages well worth considering. As the most popular, versatile and supported platform for websites, WordPress has big advantages. You can increase the usability of your site with an endless array of plug-ins for customer interaction, e-commerce, galleries, pop-up forms, menus, security and more.

You can also easily access the backend of your site to add new content, pages and interactive features at any time, from anywhere. No costly developer required.

Want to increase your audience reach? Converting your website to WordPress is also a great opportunity to revisit your content to make sure you are Search Engine Optimized and mobile-friendly.

Is it time for an online facelift?

Keep your existing layout, content & features.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your old website to a new mobile-friendly WordPress theme or converting your existing website into the WordPress framework, the good news is, it’s not as difficult as you think. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

The right developer can take what you have already built and reframe the website within a customized WordPress theme, so your layout stays the same. They then transfer your content across for you in no time at all. This will provide a more secure, more user-friendly website for your business. Your new, customized WordPress theme website could be online within a week, with no interruption to your business.

Your business is constantly changing to keep ahead – so should your website.

It’s quicker and more affordable than you think.

Content Cloud regularly works with our in-house developers, to reframe and convert existing websites into customized WordPress themes. We can help you with the build, content creation, SEO and plugin integration. It’s a simple, complete package, with a fast turnaround time-frame.

If you’d like more information about converting your existing site to a WordPress theme, please Contact Us at any time.


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